Iowa Mediation Lawyers

An alternative to court

The Des Moines, Iowa Patterson Law Firm is available to act as mediators for mediations throughout Iowa. Mediation is an alternative way to resolve conflict and is sometimes called alternative dispute resolution. Instead of going to court, mediation can help you and the other party come to a genuine understanding, and find a resolution that addresses both of your needs and interests. Mediation is usually cheaper, faster, and more amicable than taking another person to court. Our firm’s mediators are respected throughout the state for their insight and ability to resolve conflicts.

Mediation works in many situations

In a mediation, one of our mediators, who is neutral third party, meets with the parties who are having a conflict to help them try to work it out together.  The lawyers at the Patterson Law Firm are skilled mediators in complex civil litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation and divorce proceedings.  Small businesses also may benefit tremendously from using one of our mediators instead of litigation to resolve conflicts and disputes.

Small business owners are just as likely as major corporations to run into problems with other businesses, employees, customers, vendors, or even with their own business partners.  But unlike corporations, small businesses often lack the larger infrastructure of a public relations, human resources, or legal department to deal with these conflicts.  By engaging in mediation the small business owner can take advantage of an efficient and effective way to resolve disputes.

If you have given up on negotiating a settlement of your dispute directly with the other party, mediation may be the swiftest, fairest, and lowest cost way to solve your problem. One of our mediators can usually arrange a mediation session quickly, sometimes within a few weeks of a request for mediation.  The sessions can take as little as a few hours or a day, unlike lawsuits that can often take months or years to resolve.

Mediation is often the choice when a dispute involves another person with whom you need to remain on good terms. Family members, co-workers, business partners, your landlord, neighbors, and others with whom you have a continuing personal or business relationship are examples of good choices for mediation.

Mediation is confidential

Another advantage of choosing mediation is the proceedings are confidential.  Generally, what you say during mediation cannot legally be revealed outside the mediation proceedings or used later in a court of law.  By contrast, everything said or submitted in connection with a lawsuit is open to the public.  Your privacy is much greater with mediation than with litigation.

Contact the Patterson Law Firm if you are in need of a mediator for your Iowa mediation. We can help achieve the legal solution to your problem.