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Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Des Moines, Iowa Trial Attorneys

Iowa Insurance Defense, Workers’ Compensation, and Legal Services

Des Moines, Iowa trial attorneys

The Patterson Law Firm has been providing a diverse group of clients in Iowa with valuable legal services since its founding in 1965.  When you are seeking legal representation, you need to think carefully about the law firm that will represent you.  You are best served by a firm with experience and knowledge.  While our main focus is insurance defense, and workers’ compensation, we are known for achieving positive results in many areas of the law. Here are some reasons why an established firm like the Patterson Law Firm is the intelligent choice:
We get results:  The Patterson Law Firm has proven itself in the courtrooms of Iowa.  Our attorneys will approach your legal challenge with the zeal necessary to obtain the best possible outcome for you.  We are relentless negotiators and are strong advocates in the courtroom.  We have a proven track record for our clients.
Skilled trial attorneys and experienced lawyers:  The Patterson Law Firm has received the highest possible rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and is included in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. We are a Best’s Recommended Insurance Attorney. The firm practices throughout the state of Iowa and is licensed in all state and federal courts.  We are first trial attorneys.
Tough, committed, creative legal thinkers: Our lawyers have earned the respect of other attorneys and our clients for our ability to take charge and accomplish the task at hand.  As seasoned professionals who enjoy legal challenges big and small, we strive to approach each case on its unique merits.  We have the background to handle complex litigations in many legal areas and are skilled in addressing a wide variety of legal problems.  We pride ourselves on our thoughtful approach to all types of cases.
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COVID-19: Prepared to Serve

Patterson Law Firm is monitoring COVID-19 and is implementing work-place policies consistent with recommendations provided by state and federal agencies including the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health. We have a plan in place enabling us to continue to serve client needs in this uncertain environment, including in the event of office closures.

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