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Iowa Child Support Guidelines Update

On July 1, 2013, changes to Iowa’s Child Support Guidelines went into effect.  Pursuant to the federal Family Support Act of 1988 and Iowa Code section 598.21B, these guidelines are subject for review every four years.  After establishing a committee known as the 2012 Child Support Guidelines Review Committee (“Committee”), the Iowa Supreme Court then […]

Changing Trends in Alimony and the Impact on Iowa Law (Part 2)

In Iowa, there are three types of spousal support that the court can award: traditional support, rehabilitative support, or reimbursement support. Traditional support is long-term, sometimes permanent, and is meant to support an ex-spouse for as long as they are dependent or incapable of self-support. In re Marriage of Schenkelberg, 824 N.W.2d 481, 487 (Iowa […]

Changing Trends in Alimony and the Impact on Iowa Law (Part 1)

In recent years, legislatures across the country have been faced with a rising call for change in alimony laws. Approximately 420,000 Americans receive some type of alimony, but, increasingly, both men and women are pushing back against the assumption of permanent alimony following a divorce. Luscombe, Belinda. The End of Alimony, TIME Magazine, vol. 181, […]